IP Infusion OcNOS 6.4.1 GA

Introducing OcNOS 6.4.1

On November 8, 2023, IP Infusion revealed the OcNOS release 6.4.1 GA, introducing a significant array of capabilities. This latest release not only ushers in a wave of new functionalities but also extends support to additional hardware platforms. After reviewing this new release at Pine Networks, we find that the features in this version provide users with additional resiliency, enhanced observability into their network, and an improved user experience when working with the OcNOS network operating system.

Here are some of the major highlights from this release.

It introduces the support of 4 new hardware platfroms from Edgecore Networks and UfiSpace:

UfiSpace S9610-36D

Based on the Broadcom Jericho 2C+ with 36 x 400G QSFP-DD ports supporting OpenZR+ and a switching capacity of 14.4 Tbps. The S9610-36D can be deployed in the provider edge network to provide transport services over a scalable next generation telecom network.

Edgecore AS9716-32D

Based on the Broadcom Tomahawk 3 with 36 x 400G QSFP-DD ports and a switching capacity of 14.4 Tbps. This switch can be deployed as a spine switch supporting 100/400 GE spine interconnects.

UfiSpace S8901-54XC

Based on the Broadcom Trident 3 X5 with 48 x 1G/10G/25G; 6 x 40G/100G and 2 Tbps switching capacity. This switch can be deployed as a Top-of-Rack switch supporting 10 or 25GE to servers, with 40 or 100GE uplinks.

UfiSpace S6301-56ST

Based on the Broadcom Trident 3 X2 with 48 x 1GE; 8 x 10GE and 128 Gbps switching capacity. This is a high-quality and cost-effective OOB L2/L3 management switch for data center switch and servers.

In addition to supporting new hardware platform, OcNOS release 6.4.1 introduces many new features. We highlighted few of them below:

Port Breakout (400G) for Qumran2 Series Platforms

Now 400G ports can be divided into multiple 100G ports, ensuring a reliable network infrastructure. This provides users the flexibility to address various connectivity and network speeds requirements. 

Port Breakout (100G) for AS5916-54XK (Qumran-MX) and AS7315-27X (Qumran-AX)

This allows the breakout of 100G ports to 4 x 25G to support different port speeds.

EVPN Active-Standby

EVPN Active-Standby provides additional resiliency to the network, ensuring continuous connectivity even in case of a PE device failure.  EVPN Multihoming is a mechanism that allows a host or customer edge (CE) device to be connected to multiple Provider Edge (PE) devices called Multihoming (MH) peers for redundancy and load balancing purposes. 

Till now, OcNOS support All-Active (A-A) only. In OcNOS version 6.4.1, Port-Active mode is supported in the context of Active-Standby redundancy.

Streaming Telemetry

Streaming telemetry is crucial as it enables real-time, continuous data collection and analysis, facilitating proactive network monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization. OcNOS version 6.4.1 introduces the initial features for Streaming Telemetry, which include support for gNMI-based Dial-in mode Telemetry for the management plane.

Commit Rollback

This is a very useful feature and we are happy to see it in release 6.4.1! With Commit Rollback users can initiate a rollback operation for any specific commit, using the associated commit ID to revert the configurations to their previous state.

In this way, reverting to an earlier state, functional configuration is possible in case the new configuration is compromised or if the configuration makes the device unstable.


TWAMP (Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol) allows for the precise measurement of round-trip IP performance metrics, aiding in the identification and resolution of network issues. It enables users to identify and resolve network issues by providing precise measurements, thus allowing for a better understanding of performance problems within their networks.

The additional features below are also introduced in release 6.4.1. Refer to the release notes for further details:

• NetConf Port Access Control

• Role-Based Access Control

• Hide the Remote AS using the neighbor local-as Command

• Support IGMP Snooping for Provider Bridge

• TCP MSS configuration for BGP neighbors

• TCP MSS configuration for LDP sessions

• Single-Home for VxLAN IRB with OSPF or ISIS

• Single-Home for VxLAN EVPN IRB with OSPF or ISIS

•Fall Back Option for RADIUS Authentication

• Modified Extended ACL Deny Rule Behavior in VTY

• 400G PM Alarm

• Entropy Labels for ISIS Segment Routing

• ERPS with CFM Down-MEP over Bridge-Domain

• RSVP Detour Over Ring Topology

• Commit Rollback

• Anycast Gateway Routing for Multiple Subnets in EVPN-IRB

• CFM over EVPN-MPLS for ELINE MultiHoming

• Route Monitor

• DHCP group


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