Network Monitoring Solutions

Pine Networks PMO

Pine Networks PMO is a state-of-the-art Network Management System designed specifically for Open/Disaggregated networks.

PMO delivers unparalleled performance monitoring and observability, tailored for IP networks powered by IP Infusion OcNOS. It stands as the ultimate solution for service providers, offering a comprehensive suite of features, including topology mapping, link detection, alert mechanisms, interactive dashboards, and automated configuration backups.

PMO extends its monitoring capabilities beyond disaggregated networks, seamlessly including traditional solutions like Cisco IOS and others. This ensures that you can efficiently manage your entire network through a single, powerful tool.

Operational within Kubernetes environments, PMO guarantees enhanced scalability and availability, catering to networks of all sizes — from the most compact to expansive infrastructures.

With a robust set of northbound software interfaces and APIs, PMO effortlessly integrates with various tools and systems, such as business process workflows, OSS/BSS, scripting, and more. This ensures a seamless synergy with your existing infrastructure, making network management smoother and more efficient.

Pine Networks PMO provides you a detailed view of your network so you can plan better, resolve issues faster, and focus on what’s important.