Disaggregated IP Routing

Traditional IP networks

Traditional IP networks are built based on monolithic software and proprietary hardware from the same vendor, packaged into a vendor-locked solution. With this approach your choices are limited to a small number of vendors, costs are high and you are locked-in with a single vendor for the duration of the solutions lifecycle in the network.

Disaggregated IP Networks

Disaggregation separates router software from the underlying hardware and provides Open APIs to enable control and automation of the network elements. As such the hardware is a whitebox based on merchant silicon and the software is a Network Operating System (NOS).

With this approach service providers, can choose hardware and software independently, from a range of vendors that best meet their requirements.

This disaggregated routing approach enables faster innovation, avoids vendor lock-in and lowers the Total Cost of Ownership.

By transitioning to disaggregated routing, operators unlock the potential for exponential improvement and growth needed to meet the oncoming surge in data demand.

Hardware and software can be developed at their own pace, without being hindered by one another, fostering innovation.

Customers can benefit from the most suitable hardware and the most suitable software for their specific needs.