UfiSpace S9600-72XC

UfiSpace S9600-72XC

Overview – UfiSpace S9600-72XC

The UfiSpace S9600-72XC open aggregation router, is a multi-function, disaggregated white box aggregation routing platform with an external TCAM option. It is equipped with Broadcom’s Qumran2c merchant silicon and Intel Skylake processor for high capacity routing, better power efficiencies and more buffering within a compact 2RU router. It features 64x25G and 8x100G high speed ports with a switching capacity of up to 2.4Tbs.

The S9600-72XC can be deployed at C-RAN hubs to provide 5G fronthaul transport aggregation or be positioned at the backhaul for aggregating BBU pooling. It can also be programmed to be a Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) to enable the next generation broadband network. Equipped with high port density, Class C timing and fully supporting SyncE and IEEE 1588v2, the S9600-72XC is capable of fulfilling the role of any type of network aggregation.

Specializing in 5G Time Sensitive Networking applications, the S9600-72XC complies to the IEEE 802.1CM and can act as an Edge Grand Master (GM) clock. Additionally, it is compatible with high accuracy fronthaul synchronization and timing requirements (ITU-T G.8273.2 T-BC, Class C) to ensure error free operation of 5G and cooperative radio techniques.


  • 8 x 40/100G QSFP28 ports
  • 64 x 1/10/25G SFP28 ports


  • Class C timing accuracy
  • Supports SyncE and IEEE 1588v2 (T-GM, T-BC/OC, T-TC, T-TSC)
  • Integrated Stratum 3E OCXO with optional hold over performances
  • Rich timing input/output interfaces: ToD, 1PPS and 10MHz
  • Internal GNSS receiver for master clock implementations
  • 4GB deep buffering
  • Option for including an external TCAM
  • BMC for remote monitoring and management
  • 2 hot swappable power supplies with 1+1 redundancy support.
  • 4 hot swappable fan modules with 3+1 redundancy support.
  • 2 RU compact design, suitable for industry standard 19″ racks.U