UfiSpace S9600-32X

UfiSpace S9600-32X

Overview – UfiSpace S9600-32X

The UfiSpace S9600-32X Open Aggregation Router, is a multi-function, disaggregated whitebox aggregation router  equipped with Broadcom Qumran2c merchant silicon and Intel Skylake processor. It features 32 high speed 100G ports with an additional 4 x 25G SFP28 ports.

The S9600-32X provides 4GB deep buffer, a switching capacity of up to 2.4 Tbps. Furthermore, it fully supports SyncE and IEEE 1588v2 timing profiles. Specializing in 5G Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) applications, the S9600-32X complies to the IEEE 802.1CM and can act as an Edge Grand Master (GM) clock. Furthermore, it can provide Class C timing accuracy using UfiSpace’s in-house designed 5G timing module.

Due to its versatility, the S9600-32X can be positioned in different parts of the network to perform aggregation, such as in the backhaul to aggregate BBU pooling, Provider Edge (PE) or even as a Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) within the central office.


  • 32 x 40/100G QSFP28 ports
  • 4 x 1/10/25G SFP28 ports (break out from Port 0)


  • Class C timing accuracy
  • Supports SyncE and IEEE 1588v2 (T-GM, T-BC/OC, T-TC, T-TSC)
  • Integrated Stratum 3E OCXO with optional hold over performances
  • Rich timing input/output interfaces: ToD, 1PPS and 10MHz
  • Internal GNSS receiver for master clock implementations
  • 4GB deep buffering
  • Has 4x25G optional breakout ports, in place of port #0
  • BMC for remote monitoring and management
  • 2 hot swappable power supplies with 1+1 redundancy support.
  • 4 hot swappable fan modules with 3+1 redundancy support
  • 2 RU compact design, suitable for industry standard 19″ racks